Our birth story

Today is 40 days post partum, marking end of my bepantang/confinement perios…. that is, if I were to follow one. I didn’t follow any pantang2, partly cos my mum didn’t ask/advise me on following any and so, I wont know where to start. As for whether I ould actually follow it through is another thing. Another reason for not locking myself in for 40 days: 1. My parents are here and mesti jua ku bring them around sometimes. 2. I would go insane being stuck at home. (eh wait thats 2 reasons)

Anywaaaaay, I decided that it’s time to tell the tale of Zayan’s birth… before it becomes a very distant fuzzy blur:

On the saturday before Zayan was born, we were about to go out for dinner. It was 2 days before his due date, my brothers and M’s family were here .. no pressure there to give birth that wknd! I admit being very impatient then to pop… I just wanted him OUT. (Had enough of being pregnant, thank you) So anyway, there I was getting ready to have dinner, was just on the phone with M’s mom who said they were about to meet us in a few minutes. And then…. I felt THE trickling of waters. Now see, I kept doubting myself all this time whether it was my waters breaking or not.

*uhuk uhuk sampai mesti google how to differentiate whether it was waters breaking or if its just show. Apparently if you lie down and still trickling and stops when you start walking, thats your waters breaking! uhuk bimbo doctor uhuk *

I consulted my mum who agreed that its my waters breaking. I didn’t have contractions then… just the odd Braxton Hicks. So I asked my mum the multi-million dollar qs: ‘Ma, buleh makan dulu?’ And so we went out for dinner first before going to hosp >_<

AAAA Baby awake alert!

To be continued….

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