Roald Dahl and Lat, the Kampung boy

Actually excited when I saw this. I want! I want!

Roald Dahl stamps!

Roald Dahl’s books, as were Enid Blyton’s, were my reading escapisms as a child. Oh, and not to forget Archie comics, Asterix and Tintin!

Beth Ann Fennelly, author of Great with child (see previous post), said in her book that she recommends her pregnant friend to keep reading, even if it takes a whole month to finish a book. When your life is all about your baby, it’s hard to get out of that ‘mum/baby’ world. Even now my coffee table has pregnancy/mothers magazines and I have both ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ and ‘What to expect in the first year’ (the latter I have 2 copies – gifts from people. i like).

(Actually when I was going to get married, I had a lot of wedding mags too. How the contents of my mags change from year to year!)

Anyway point being, we need stimulation from other sources. To keep inspiring us. Open up our mind. Not get stuck in a mental rut. And that’s why I agree with her ‘must read a book each day’. Though not possible, I think reading newspaper counts! Hehe.

Love, me

ps. I had to think what malay books I read as a kid. I read komik (haha) Gila-Gila …… and Lat. Eh, was Lat in malay or English? Anyway I loved reading Lat too. Google Lat: Kampung boy for those not in the know. It’s a comic of a malaysian boy with weird hairdo – a lot of political views actually, paham kah inda ku dulu atu actually.

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