It’s 2012 now. I’ve been postponing writing mostly because baby has taken over my life but also because I wanted this to be an epic post. I mean, I  always do reflections on the last year, put up pics maybe, but I don’t think I can write for long …. baby might cry for feed/nappy change soon.

Ok but let me try to summarize 2011.

First year of being married to one patient, wonderful husband.

Went to Malta for honeymoon numero duo and drove around the small island.

Stressed about my job.

Found out I was pregnant in April, alhamdulillah.

Still stressed over work.

Went to Phuket and went  snorkeling and hang gliding (yes at 11 weeks pregnant). The snorkeling suvked (crap equipment, murky waters) but hang gliding was adenaline pumping awesome.

Found out pregnant symptoms include being bloated and constipated – not nice.

But have no other symptoms. No morning sickness, no weird cravings. M  thought I had phantom pregnancy.

Went home in time to celebrate my birthday (oh brunei, how I miss you) in June.

Sat for paeds exam 2 days after arriving back here – huge mistake, huge huge mistake (said like how Julia Roberts did in Pretty Woman).

Paeds result out in July: Failed (money down the drain).

New job in Northampton in August: different work environment but welcoming the change. Baby bump much more noticeable now.

…But not noticeable enough cos one dr, who I  worked with for 7 weeks, looked up from his lunch and asked if I was pregnant one fateful day.

Discovered back pain as pregnancy symptom.

Sat for paeds exam again in Sept.

Went for long wknd in London & Oxford with M – felt like we were honeymooning really 😀 which is good, looking back, as realise that’d prob be our last ‘holiday’ together for awhile now.

Paeds result out: Pass. Hooray!

Started buying baby stuff at 32 weeks pregnant.

Juggling work and being pregnant. Night shifts felt hell-ish and brought exhaustion to another level. Had to stay in northampton hosp accomodation from time to time as a result.

Took maternity leave early Nov – enjoyed time off tho bored towards the end.

Ohh baby crying…just in time to talk about December. Baby was born 🙂




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