Baby’s first weekend out

This Xmas wknd is eventful for us cos it’s the first time out for me and baby. (Trip back home from hosp does
not count)

I’m recovering from the c section (have i mentioned that i ended up havih emergency c section?) reasonably well u think, tho area around my scar still hurts. Dont even make laugh much,clet alone cough effectively. So I feel ok to stay at home, doing things at my own pace. The thought of going out scares
me even – in the sense, that i didnt think i was ready yet. But the last two days, I’ve been feeling
stifled being in the house with limited entertainment.

Eh rambling tah pulang. What I wanted to say is… my family and i are going to ipswich to M’s
place and then to london day trip and meet fau.

Zayan’s unpredictability and blue
murder screams when his needs aren’t met makes me feel apprehensive and nervous. So far though, he has been good – revelation: he loves (ie sleeps) being in the car! Slept the whole 2+ hrs in the car from leics to london.

But I daren’t hope too much. cos he is most fussiest (code word for not settled at all and screams the house down) at midnight. erks! hope he behaves tonight!

please make dua that he’d behave and mumtathil and i go home mentally/sanity intact.

love me

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