Fried arteries

I love my mum and I’m so grateful that she’s here to help with cooking, washing, etc. But I realize that the food we eat have the main component: oil. And a lot of times, there’s a lot of it!

For breakfast – there’s either tumpi or popiah or cucur *** or nasi/mee goreng.

Erks! It hit me that most (all??) of our food are fried stuff! And by that I mean, malay food. Went to, my source of malay recipes, and browsed through the recipes and astounded that they mostly have basic ingredients of: oil and onion. Ok, oil is the most popular ingredient.

I’m trying to think what I normally eat for breakfast: toast, cereal and when we’re feeling more naughty: the full compliments of english breakfast (nyummm greasy stuff) or paratha. If we go out for breakfast, I’ll probably have some sort of pastry or (again) english breakfast – vegetarian kind – or bagels with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.* I’m so predictable you see, I usually order the same things.

* I haven’t eaten hollandaise sauce ever since I found out I’m pregnant. Maybe I should make some today!! *salivates*

Anyway, this is not good. I know we love our food and food makes us happy. But why destroy our hearts and arteries, our bodies on purpose? I used to think that since I don’t have any ‘real’ vices (like alcohol or drugs), I can have my sugar and oil. There should be moderation though. We can eat these stuff but we should draw the line between having it sometimes and all the time.

I’d love to introduce more healthy options for my parents but can’t think of any. Should encourage more grilling/stir fry/boiled food. But as for breakfast options, can’t think of food that they’ll like that does not require oil :S Any suggestions welcomed for a more healthier, acceptable to older malay generation breakfast options.

Lotsa love,



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