Baby says hello!

Yes, baby is finally here, Alhamdulillah!

I wanna tell the whole drama leading to his birth but am tired and wants to relish the precious time of quiet – when baby is asleep and not crying or wanting a feed!

We don’t have a name yet for baby which frustrates me, but we can’t seem to decide on a name! We wanted to call him Zaid but he looks too chinesey (oh his slits of eyes!) to be Zaid, we think. We then wanted to call him Haziq (back up name) but apparently if you pronounce it as ‘Hazziq’ (instead of Haadzhiq, the proper arabic ponounciation), it means ‘I want to poo really badly’. Ahh!

Aside from the sleepless nights – oh yes, I’ve learnt this pretty quickly – I am in love with him. I think I’ve fallen in love with him back in the tummy days. Is it weird that I miss him in my tummy too?

He is gorgeous but I think I’m just biased.

Gonna lie down before he starts crying. It has been 40 mins since last feed. hurrah!

Lotsa love, new mummy me.


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2 responses to “Baby says hello!

  1. fad

    tee hee. i didnt expect you to be blogging so soon! but im glad you did ❤ congratulations again! your boy is uber cute! what happened to the name luqman?

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