The waiting game

Without sounding like a broken record, I am still waiting and waiting and waiting. There’s some pre-labour symptoms but baby seems to be taunting me. ‘I’m coming! but no true action…’

The good thing is that people are coming over this weekend and hence, entertaining me (actually more like m busier cos my bros still expect me to do sisterly duties – like cooking breakfast- preggers or not!).

The bad news is that M just found out that he’s working this wknd. Whoever made the rota, I feel like tearing her hair out. (Grrrrrrrrr!)

As for now…. enjoy the pic of malay scrabble above – big bro 3 and i played yester. Payah nyamu playing in malay. I forfeited after having a few letters left. Think we werent too bad ctually. I still dont agree with ‘ati’. His argument was using it as ‘ati buyah’ – oh yeah, we used both formal BM and brunei malay.

Lotsa love, having false labour me.

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