Nini Boy and Nini Girl

That’s what my nephews and nieces call my parents. I reckon my parents are really missing the kiddies (6 in total from 2 families, oldest = 7 yrs old, youngest = 1 yr old, total combination = havoc). They keep mentioning the kids and telling stories about them – including my 3 yr old nephew yang terkamih di Hua Ho whilst looking for toys and then went on an embarassing tantrum cos he didnt want to buy new seluar and get changed. LOL!

Anyway, so finally skyped with my brother and his kids. And when the skype video went up and we could see each other, the kids immediately went ‘Nini BOOOOYYYYYYY!’ I guess the missing feeling is mutual! (The kids have sleepovers at my parents’ house WITHOUT their parents and demand to be brought to the beach lah,etc on random occasions)

It was actually extra nice skyping with them (its always nice anyway) – my parents were excited, the kids were excited. Hehe.

“Our Lord! Bestow on us from our spouses and our offspring who will be the comfort (Literally: the coolness) of our eyes, and make us leaders for the righteous.” – Surah Al-Furqan, Ayat 74.

One of the miracles of Quran is the linguistics of it. It’s hard to appreciate the language for me as I don’t speak Arabic (except for the random words I know when i took Arabic classes once upon a time – inda abis bahh pigi lesson :s). When I read the Quran, the smoothness and how beautiful it sounds – that I appreciate but the actual linguistics is a bit difficult. In the video, the speaker, Nouman Ali-Khan, explains the terms ‘coolness of the eyes’ – I’m afraid I wont be as articulate as his but let me try. In ancient Arab, the ‘coolness of eyes’ is a figure of speech – if your eyes are warm, that means you’re experiencing great sorrow and misery. And so, if your eyes are cool, you get the feeling of much joy.

The dua in the Quran basically asks for our family to be coolness of our eyes. That when the world around us is going havoc, our family, our home will be a source of our refuge. I do believe that a lot of today’s society (not just here but back in Bru) is to do with disintegration of family life and hence, community. And it doesn’t stop there MasyaAllah, the dua asks for our future generation as well. It asks that we, WE, become good leaders and good family members so that our family of future generations will benefit. I haven’t actually thought about it that way – that in a way, I have some responsibility with how the future generations turn out.

If you have time, do listen to the lecture – very entertaining and insightful.

May our family be the source of coolness of our eyes and may we be Imams and leaders of the righteous. Amin.



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  1. Assalam Alaykum,
    Lovely website and thanks for sharing the video by Nouman. would you please consider linking to my blog from here as I think your readers will find it beneficial

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