The World before you came

My dear baby, still nicely cocooned inside,

It might just be too soon to write this but I fear I might get too busy once you’ve entered the world. Today, I wanted  to write to you abou the world before you came. What’s hot and what’s not. What the headline of the newspapers are days/weeks before you enter this world. A bit of a heads up with what’s going on.

Now I don’t like watching the news or reading newspaper much, cos it can be quite depressing really. But lately (perhaps your mama here is getting bored), I’ve been in touch with outside news. I’ll be honest with you, baby, it aint pretty.

It’s hard times financially these days  and people aren’t too happy. (This might not have hit Brunei just yet, I dont know) I was scrolling through the newspapers headlines…..

Review of this summer’s riots in London

Uprisings in the Arab countries

Celebrity culture

Phone hacking of celebrities causing major grief and invasion of privacy

Food shortage in Africa

But what made me sad most of all was watching this Youtube (will Youtube still exist when you grow up?) video of a lady going on a racist rant on a tram in London.  There are racist people out there, my baby, not just in this country but others too – heck, mama’s country have racist people too.

What I want you to know, is that of all the bad things you hear one day or come across or even said to you (and I fear I might not be able to shield you from all the evilness),  know that there are plenty other good people out there. That of all my time here, there are goodness, there ARE goodness.  People who will lend you a hand, wipe your tears, be a shoulder for you to cry on, make you laugh, go out of the way for that small token of kindness.  That your friends need not be somene who’s just like you (though really, good luck in trying to find another child of same fusion as you) – they can be of any colour, any race, any religion as long as they have a good influence on you.

I was once  in London and realised that I left one of my trolley bags in the coach. 17 years old and still a lil bit new to the country. I wasnt sure what to do. So I stood on the bus stop, wanting to ask the next bus what to do. But somehow it was too difficult. There were people milling around, shoving around, its London of course, what did I expect. I felt helpless and became more and more distraught. But one coach driver stopped and asked what was wrong. And after telling my sob story, he took me onto his coach (which were still full of people) and drove me till final stop at the coach station and after asking other drivers, found the original coach I was in and voila, my bag. I didn’t ask his name nor remember his face. I just remembered that out there, there is kindness.

Do you know the story about the prophet Muhammad S.A.W? About how he would walk down this street everyday and everyday this old woman would throw her trash down the window onto his head and he would just walk past. Everyday. And then one day, no trashing. The Prophet was surprised of this unfamiliar routine and heard that she was ill. And so, he visited her. Visited her. That level of patience and sincerity, that is what we have to attain to, ok baby? (But dont be a pushover ok)

Baby, I hope your ayah and I will be able to tach you well this – that being good and kind is not specific to a certain colour or race or religion. And even if you come across hurtful things, just be true to yourself and stay patient. Your ayah is a very kind man, one of the atrributes that your mama here fell in love with. I hope you grow up just like him, have all his good things. And me, you ask? All of mama’s good things too, if any.

Big kisses, come out soon so I can play with you,

Your eagerly waiting mama

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