Internet … a whole new world

Ok I must admit…yesterday there was low morale in Team Fizah. My zest for life was questionable, wondering when baby will come out (and hence back/hip pain go away).

Feeling much better today (one can only lie in bed/sofa for so long) and now trying to distract myself.

Good news – a very good friend of mine has landed in UK and soon Leicester!!! Yayayayayayaya. Happy days~

I think I feel pressured to find things to do for my parents as well. Silly really, as my cuz pointed out – I’m pregnant and on maternity leave. I don’t need to worry about these things. But there’s one thing of being a sloth and there’s another of having 2 other people slumped with you watching tv, eating all day, everyday. I haven’t driven for last 2 days cos it’s more uncomfortable for me to mobilise (Imagine pregnant lady going ‘unh, unh’ whenever she exerts herself – if not externally, said inside head), so that limits us going out.

Today though, I’ve decided to teach my techno-illiterate parents to use the Internet. I mean, really one needs some mental stimulation and TV does not fulfill this. (Esp daytime tv! Actually I’ve watched pretty crap reality tv shows out there…. it astounds me how CRAP tv shows can be.) And it’s a success!! Well…kinda. They use the ipad and read up on websites that I open up for them. Question: How come I can’t open Media Permata? Is it cos I’m on safari?? And I have no idea of any great read malay websites out there… suggestions?

(Really, there must be popular bruneian malay-speak blogs out there??)

Lotsa love,



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