My Nini fed me

I was chatting with mama tadi about how children mirror their parents in terms of diet – a thing which M tries to tell me time and time again. I don’t eat much vegs you see, he practically has to put it on my plate and get me to eat it. So he says, I have to start eating more vegs now (which I do, do!) so baby will want to eat vegs nanti insyaAllah.

Anyway, that’s not the point…the point was we were talking about how we were fed back in the days. Because you see, my nephews and nieces can be a bit – ahem – difficult when it comes to being fed. Cries, refusal to eat, etc. I asked Mama how we were –  and she said kami besuap jua dulu like my anak buahs, but it was my nini (grandma) doing the en mass feeding. We would be lined up in a row (me and my brothers and sometimes my cousins too) and she would feed us from one plate of rice. She would put the rice and meat in clumps and then feed us hand to mouth, hand to mouth. Actually mama said we can be a handful too – evidence of it being, she saw a photo of my nini feeding us and Big Bro 2 were standing on the table. Haha!

I also remember my younger cousin hitting me on the head with her cup. My Nini laki gave her a big telling off, and I remember feeling ‘nyehhh, nyehhh!’.

Ramblings. Baby kicking more and extra hard but now on pelvis….i guess he isnt kicking really but more like headbutting. I think of my mulah nini sometimes, and wish she could meet baby. Al-fatihah.



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