The ‘rents have arrived!

Slept for 3 hours before picking up parents at Heathrow. M lagi kesian, slept for 1 hour only (biting my lips to not say ‘see, I told you to sleep early!’ when he became sleepy post-pick up).

My parents are understandably jet-lagged and now zonked out. Sure they’ll wake up tomorrow at 3 in the morning and looking for food and wide wide awake!

It sank to me just now, that even though I’m now term, it could still be 4 more weeks potentially till baby comes out. I guess I’ve been in denial (or optimistic?) that baby would come out soon soon, but I guess I have to be more realistic than that. Sigh. *sabar sabar* The thought actually passed me ‘what if baby doesnt come out ever?’ – I know, drama much.

Anyway, have to find ways to entertain self. I actually miss work. Just a lil bit.


Love, me

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