Where do you go shopping?

Yesterday M asked me a series of questions….

about shopping… in Brunei.

He asked where to buy a bunch of random stuff – like a sieve (he used another word, but i didnt understand what it was) ….kadai India? Set of cutleries ….. Hua Ho? Baju that he normally wears….. Hua Ho?

Basically, I have two answers: kadai India and Hua Ho (or other supermarkets). Exciting.

I tried to think where the male members of my family buy their shirts, and I couldn’t think of a place. Maybe Hua Ho or Giardano. I remember a cool T-shirt place in Mall where I can imagine him liking the Tees. But aside from that… *shrugs*

We concluded that we’ll do our clothes shopping (or his, anyway) in KL or Spore. Am I right that there’s not much male-stuff shopping in Bru? Or have I been away for too long?



Ps. Secretly I think M wants an up-to-date directory of where to get stuff and who to call for stuff. Usually we just google to find stuff here, but don’t think there’s much options on the internet. Back to the yellow pages back home? Or more like – ask my parents where things are! I feel kesian to the non-locals working in Bru – must be like a mystery trying to for eg. find a reliable plumber.


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2 responses to “Where do you go shopping?

  1. S

    Hi Fiz!! Bilakan kau due sebenarnya? hehe! Banar tu, there’s not much choice for the men here esp. nice shoes!! So either you go abroad or go online shopping! Brg dapur is very easy, you just go to one of the many supermarkets here… our “yellow pages” would be… asking orang through fb or twitter…LOL but it works! Xx miss you & take care!

    • ya kan syaz?? lots of my shoes dari brunei! ok scratch that, dari south east asia. i think theres lots of pretty flats, ballet shoes and sandals/slippers di brunei. di sini not much variety me thinks. but sport shoes maybe inda berapa banyak variety di brunei? sini worse female sports shoe shopping – unless u go to nike town! (maybe m just a nike snob? lol) tapi banar most of the sports shoe sini putih!! like whats. anywayyy rambling… due date ku 12/12/11. in 1 ish week. tapi u can go till 42 weeks before the drs actively
      encourage labour (ie induce u) : s

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