Waddling Waddle

It’s official: I am now waddling.

Doing something or going somewhere feels somewhat like an event. An event that is followed by plonking on sofa or bed after. I’m trying not to complain too much, not even inwardly, for I know this is a challenge by Allah, a challenge that many many women out there wishes to be in.

Alhamdulillah, I’m ever so grateful that I fell pregnant fairly easily. I’ve seen many family members and now friends going through that long wait, hoping and hoping. I can’t say I know how it feels, in fact I would never know what to say. To say ‘sabar saja, insyaAllah’ your time will come…I know that they know this. And the insensitivities of people around us – I know someone who got asked ‘kenapa kan ko alum ada baby?’ in this insensitive, matter-of-fact tone. If I were the person in question, I won’t know whether to burst into tears or slap the other person.

Ok I can’t continue cos tummy’s hurting too much (baby likes to lodge himself on my right upper abdomen – sakit baby!)…..

To be continued……

If I can’t continue, what I’m trying to say is: Please be sensitive on this on people who are trying. And even if you’re not sure if they’re trying, just assume they are. Basically, there are other things to talk about and other things to ask other than ‘bila lagi your turn?’ whilst looking suggestively at tummy.

Ok ciao~ Baby wants attention.


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