Preparing and preparing….

37 weeks today. Incredibly impatient to see baby, hold him and make sure he doesn’t look dysmorphic (I had a bad dream that baby was punching his hands in my tummy and I could count his fingers – ??- and he had SIX fingers both hands). I’m not sure doing paeds is good really – I’m dreading worst case scenarios.

Allah says: “Innalilahi wa inna ilahi rajioon” To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.” (Quran Surat Al Baqarah 2:156)

“Every soul shall have a taste of death, then to us you will be ultimately returned.” (Quran Surat Al Ankaboot 29:57)

I’ve always thought before this to say it when someone dies. And remind us of our inevitable deaths one day. But I realise, it’s also a way of saying – everything in this world, is not really ours. And so if some suffering or misery befalls us, if someone leaves us, if something is taken away, it wasn’t really ours to begin with. And somehow, that gives me some comfort.

Anyway, today as planned, M assembled the cot and I’ve put all the baby stuff in drawers. Should’ve done it earlier (putting baby stuff away) cos I realise we’ve bought a lot of stuff all this time!! Anyway, cot assembled, M was keen to put bed sheet and decorate the stuff with toys that we’ve been given already. Sighh. I resisted, somehow I feel we should wait for baby. Anyway, he won in the end and now tigger is in the cot standing in for baby.



ps made the cake. I think our oven’s temperature isnt accurate! Hence why my cakes are always undercooked and sunken. The cake is supposed to take 30 mins to make…but ended up an hour cos I wanted to make sure it wasnt undercooked! Gonna invest in oven thermometer me thinks. That said, whilst the outer layer is crunchy, the cake as a whole is the right consistency 🙂 RESULT! Alhamdulillah~

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