Fitless sleeps

I have no blogging mojo anymore. Mostly because I feel bored, just passing time, waiting it seems for baby to kick in (or out?) and say ‘I wanna come out now Mama!’.

I’ve been keeping myself busy. I’ve cleared our room and guest room, shampooed and vacuumed the carpets (even on stairs). Going to DVIRP (the domestic violence helpline) twice a week, doing something – anything – so I wont lie/sit down for too long cos it just makes my hips and back hurt. Or perhaps I become more aware of the pain when I’m not doing anything?

The only thing – baby-wise – left to do is set up the cot – oh yeah, it’s arrived! – and put all the baby stuff in the drawers. I’ve been putting off the last chore for a week now – antah, still finding it surreal? I know, when baby comes, I wont have time to put things in order! Ok, ok, this weekend insyaAllah, I’ll do it.

I’ve been having fitless (?) sleeps the last few nights. Not sure if it’s cos M is on nights and I can’t seem to sleep on my own anymore. It’s a combination of that I think, and my back/hips are waking me up – hurts to stay in one position and then I have to turn again. All in all, I think it’s a way of prepping me for after baby comes. As many a mothers (and dads) have been telling me how sleep-deprived I’ll be and to treasure my sleep now.

Ok, that’s it from me. Cooking lunch, and then get ready to go to…. kiddicare! Oh yeah, baby stuff shopping – time to get nappies, mattress, etc.



ps. Owing from my recent discovery that I can actually sew and make a quilt (although not yet complete), thinking of what next I can sew. I saw breastfeeding cover in shop once, that as the name says, meant to cover your boobies when breastfeeding in public – and it costs at least GBP 20! That thing looks just like an apron of a beautiful fabric! Like hellew – I can sew that….I think.

Exciting! Hmmm, maybe I will make that one. If I dont use it as breastfeeding cover, can always use it as apron! Hehe.

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