Creative juices

I’m in love with beautiful fabrics. Beautiful, colourful, heart-fizzing fabrics. Where you can slide and stroke your hand on it all day, look at it in all its colours.

*I also love going to stationery shop and look at the different coloured pens, papers, wrapping papers….I’m sure I’m not the only one right??*

I also have some (a lot) of spare time on my hands and I wanna make a blanket for baby. Mama knitted me this orange blanket and I had it for a long while, though I cant remember what happened to it now (Did it get stolen? …. Don’t ask).

I’ve knitted before but forgotten how to do it. Making clothes is difficult enough for me. So thought *ting! light bulub in head* – make a quilt blanket!

From blog stalking (Lisa Lam’s, only the best bag maker), I found a quilt book that she used and apparently it’s so easy. I tried looking online – youtube, google – on how to quilt but either the websites are not user-friendly or you have to pay for tutorials. UGH.

Decided to buy this book in the end – called The Gentle Art of Quilt-Making. And it’s quite good (but of course, Lisa Lam has good taste and gives good advice. Hehe, macam kawan ku saja)! Pretty pretty pictures, and it’s a bit like beginner’s guide to quilt-making – though not in full details – and also she talks about how she finds the inspiration on patterns and fabrics. All in all, making you the reader inspired to make beautiful things too!

I decided on autumn theme – I knoooow, baby’s coming in winter time, but I like autumn colours. Amber, yellow and orange leaves in that autumn-leaf shape, with backdrop of blue skies. Or when the leaves fall to the green grass. I like.

Anyhoo, I bought these fabrics to go onto russian shawl pattern (will show you pattern later). It’s harder I think to find fabric colours for boys – the one in the shops are more girly ones, pink and purple and soft colours. So decided on green and yellow with blue contrast….

But as you can see, it doesn’t actually go. I rummaged through my fabric stash – you know back in the day, when I was excited after making my first bag and then bought a sewing machine and then intended to make another bag …. *small voice* but never got to.

I blame work ok!

Anyway, anywayyyyyy, long story short, this afternoon, filled my day making this….

The sewing isn’t great, I have to work on that. And my cutting isn’t too – hence why it looks splodgy and senget in real life. But hey! Not bad hey for a first time?

M thinks it’s not big enough for baby – well, it is for a newborn but he will soon outgrow it. But the best thing about this design is that you can keep going and going. And use different kind of fabrics as long as they complement each other. I don’t have enough fabrics, so maybe Friday I’ll pop over shops and buy different ones!

Nyeeee….. Back hurts from sitting in one place too long. Also guest room now looks like sewing shipwreck.

Later alligator!

Love, me

ps. This is how the pattern looks like in the book (also called Russian Shawl):

Lawa kannnnn.

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