Holiday Getaway

** Updated post (since I left it hanging the last time) **

What counts as a holiday?

M and I (as I’ve repeatedly said) went to London and Oxford for a long weekend getaway. We went to watch Sarah Millican – who is funnier in the live show – in London and decided to extend the weekend for some time out and ‘us’ time before baby pops out.

Now M and I have been on long weekend getaways before but I reckon this weekend was the best. I’m not sure if it’s because baby’s coming and this whole pregnancy has made us even closer, or because baby’s coming and we’re treasuring our us time before our lives change forever.

The hotel in London wasnt that great to be honest. If I was gonna rate it, I’d say 3 star hotel tops. The room was a lil bit small – had enough space for us to pray (maybe enough space for 3 ppl praying) and basically it was just basics. The bed wasnt firm enough nor the pillows, and I reckon M’s side of the bed was a bit floppy – can feel him sliding down towards the other side (hence I stayed on MY side mostly hehe).

But a hotel is a hotel, a room is a room. It gave us shelter for the night Alhamdulillah. We arrived in london at midnoon, prayed and then jutted off to have lunch. We ate at this Msian chinese restaurant in Bayswater (lupa namanya), I don’t think we chose the best of their food there and I just thought ‘i could cook these at home’ (chilli ayam goreng and beef curry). But anyway, it filled our hungry tummies and off we went to Oxford Circus.

I thought it’d be wise to check out the John Lewis there as it’s -obviously – bigger than the one in Leics and we had some vouchers to spend on (AWOOHOO). We FINALLY settled on a maternity bag that we both liked – I think I surprised him on the choice, cos it wasnt girly at all. I dont know if it’s worth paying the money for it but it looks nice, it’s light and it can be attached to the stroller (of course, we could just hang it like any other bag on the stroller).

Walked around some more – I’m thinking of buying boots ala comfy UGG style. Apparently I cant buy UGG boots cos they’re chavvy looking. But it looks comfy! Anyway, I found a couple in Skechers but didnt buy them in the end. Hmmm…perhaps I should, it was quite nice.

Us in Haagen Daz

Sarah Millican was funny – a lil bit , erm, ruder than I thought but I think her accent makes it acceptable and she speaks in this soft, almost whimsical tune that I didnt mind her swearing. She interacts well with the audience, constantly asking people’s opinions and I think THAT made her show. She just can retort an answer back or make something funny from what people are saying (and not in a mean way).

The next day, we booked some tix to Masterchef LIVE. It’s basically a food exhibition with a few stages where these well-known chefs (I only recognise a few) go on stage and show tips on making something/cooking/baking and also there was masterchef live challenge, where random people sign up to cook on stage and it’s a cook-off competition. I wont dare to do that! So kudos to those people.

We spent most of the time just walking around the food exhibition. The food displayed/sold were mostly typical british gourmet, asian food (ie indian/thai curry and LOTS of chilli sauces) and desserts – gelatos, cupcakes, macarons. This macarons cost GBP 5 for 4. 4 saja!!!! Giler, I would have embraced each bite of it.

Ended up buying a whisk – M fell in love with this amazing-can-whisk-anything-in-seconds whisk (we bought two actually, one for mama), some mango lassis – they were really nice, gelato – NYUM, and a few chilli sauces. We tried so so many chilli sauces and some really burnt your taste buds. I wasnt sure if baby liked it but there was certainly a reaction from him. At one point, I decided to not try anymore cos my tummy got really hard, terberanak karang there and then! Ohhh, we also bought a wagamama book for GBP 5, think thats a good bargain.

Next up: Oxford

We met up with Sehr and her man. Sehr is my friend from Headington, back in the A level boarding schooldays. She wasn’t a boarder but we clicked right from the beginning and happy to say, we still do. She’s the few headingtonians that I still keep in touch with *big hugs to her* I finally met her man too, which is great cos I’ve been hearing about him for years! It was a good meal of constant chattering and good lebanese food (how, hoooow do they make food so simple yet so mouthwateringly good? Note to seld: must learn more re mediterranean food).

I was kinda sad to say goodbye to them, it was great meeting them.

The next day, I brought M to my old school, Headington. The school has certianly grown and looked better than I was there! In terms of poshness, we used to joke that Headington is like Fat Face and Cheltenham ladies college (where some girls went) is like Prada. Big difference! I enjoyed my time there though, homesickness aside. I think I’m more comfortable in being a FatFace girl than Prada.

Went around oxford city centre, and it’s so weird but I saw it in different eyes now. I appreciated more the architecture, the beauty of the colleges and gardens. Back then, the town was just a place for me to shop! If only I could turn back time and make full use of my time there, look around more, brwose through the crooks and crannies and alleys of the city – it certainly felt that whichever turn you take, it’s still picturuesque!

(M and I wondered why we’re in Leics and not in somewhere more scenic/pretty like oxford)

Ended the weekend with Jamie’s Italian for a late lunch. I like the decor, the starters were really nice but I’m afraid the main course (Seashell pasta with some tomato sauce for me) was a bit of a let down.

Not sure how to end this now…have left it for awhile!

Lotsa love,

ps. Sarah Millican’s theory is that there’s 2 types of people: Dodgems and Bumper cars. Bumper Cars take risks, do adventurous things, act on impulses….and then, there’s the opposite: The Dodgems. And may I say…. I thought I was a Bumper Car (and M being the safe *uhuk boring uhuk* dodgem) but he then said I’m a Dodgem because…..

I made him fit in the car seat and I’ve packed the maternity bag in time for the trip.!!

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