Bday greets (plus I want cake)

Firstly, happy birthday to Fifi & Zimah, two of my loveliest friends.

Here’s a picture of Fifi and Aqeef, her almost 3 month old son, who was born very prematurely at 25 weeks. I think its safe to say that we were all sitting tightly that time, praying for his health and still praying. The family (Fifi, Fairuz & Aqeef) have gone through ups and down these last few months and only Allah knows how it really is and felt for them. Aqeef as you can see from pic below is still in the nursery, just out from ITU (he goes in and out a few times), and he is growing grandly masyaAllah. From 700g to now close to 3 kg, I’d say he’s doing really really well. Pray that Aqeef will continue to do well, and Fifi can go back to Msia for good soon as she originally planned.

Yesterday I was reaaaalllyyyyy craving for cake. But it was getting late (9pm) and M would be back from work soon (and alum abis masak) and it was too cold to consider going out from comfy house. I went to bed, still thinking of cake. Hehe, kesian bunyinya. On the upside, have discovered this book:

And its based on cakes made from Bea Bloomsbury (i think thats what its called) cafes in London. We MUST MUST MUST go there this wknd! Saw website of the bakery magnificents coming from the cafes and man, oh man, do the cakes look scrumpiliciously delicious! Don’t worry, I’ll let you guys know if they are 😉

I’m excited to get the book coooosssss in need of baking mojo to come back!

Lotsa love,
cake-lover me

ps. Long day london weekend tomorrow, YAY! Finally someone to entertain me …. 3 days without much company (M is oncall) has been getting to me.

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