Health is our amanah

Now, that’s a little bit rich coming from me, Miss I-dont-take-my-iron-tablet-regularly-even though-I-should.

They say drs are the crappest patients. I think this is because, in some backhanded, ironic way, whilst we take care of other people, we don’t take care of ourselves much. In the hospital, there will always, always be an on-cal dr or two who has not taken their break and eaten or drank (possibly will not eat/drink for entire 12 hr shift), not pee-d and risk having urinary tract infection if keeping this up. There’ll be a lot who after a gruelling night shift drives sleepily (and dangerously as a result) back home. There is a sense – for many (not all)- who feels like unless they’re in deathbed, they will drag themselves to work despite being/feeling sick.

Why is this? *shrugs* there is some sort of butch-ness and ‘I know this thing wont kill me, so I will do it’ (except for the driving part – driving sleepily CAN kill but yet we still do it :S).

Anyway, I have sidetracked as usual. The point is: I am one of these people who think I am kabal, I will be ok despite not taking care of myself well. Until I got pregnant, and realise that no,no,no, must take care of myself as I must take care of baby. There’s that feeling of amanah, this is my responsibility given by God to take care of me and baby.

But why did I have to wait until I get pregnant to realise this? Everyone should take care of themselves, their health, their well being.

“No one will be allowed to move from his position on the Day of Judgement until he has been asked how he spent his life, how he used his knowledge, how he earnt and spent his money and in what pursuits he used his health” – Related in Tirmidhi.

Which brings me to my next topic of….. I have a lump on my armpit. I will spare details but basically have noticed this the last few weeks. Ignored it as thought it might be due to shaving, but then it grew slooooowly bigger and more noticeable. In case you guys dont know, to examine yourself for signs of breast cancer, you need to check for lumps/change in skin (puckering/pigmentation) on your breast and armpits.

You know how in adverts, they say ‘Always check your breasts!’ Cos some are more lumpy than others and it could be a normal thing for you, especially during the hormonal times of the month. And though I’m not a religious breast-checker, I do do it from time to time. You might one day decide to do it and go -uh-oh, this feels lumpy!! *panic mode* But check it again next week or next month, and realise it’s not anymore, or it’s gotten bigger or realise it does get lumpy during your periods.

My point is: Check your breasts regularly. Early detection of breast cancer can save you.

I also wanted to post about my dad who WILL NOT SEE A DR for skin lump he has. Granted it’s there for agggesssss but the fact that it’s growing irks me. Real bad. Gaaaah!

Love, me

Ps. I went to see GP about my lump and she thinks it might be skin cyst or hair follicle-related. She’s gonna see me next week again and see if it’s growing. If it is, then she’s gonna refer me to breast clinic. I’d rather have a scan and I wont have to worry about it to be honest. Pray that all will be ok, insyaAllah.

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