To Kindle or not to Kindle

When tidying up our stuff (just about my past time these days), M found an amazon voucher that my brother gave us as wedding present. We bought about GBP 85 worth of books over the past year and still have nearly half to spend on. And realise….we have 4 more days to use it! Eeeks!

M suggested buying the Kindle but I’m torn. It looks and seems like a cool thing to have. But it also feels like just yet another gadget we own. Feels like if I bring it out to travel (cos its great to bring to travel isnt it) and so, my bag will be filled with my iphone, camera, kindle, etc. A thief’s paradise! I dont know how to describe it… I’d like to think that if I have to evacuate my house, I can just leave without having to worry about any material goods.

I dont know if I make sense 😦

But looking at the kindle, it’s kinda tempting!

Lotsa love….

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