Preggy update

So what have I been up to?

I’ve been keeping myself busy, trying to clean and clear guest room (for bapa and mama) and our room (to make way for baby cot). M doesn’t wanna buy the cot yet and wants to have the area in room measured first before we buy it, which is fair enough but hellew – I’ve been telling him it fits. Anyway, I’ve cleared stuff from our room and he is now convinced…whilst I think it’s gonna be a bit crampy, he thinks it wont be bad. So YEA, gonna buy cot soon.

The cot by the way is not the cot that I’ve fallen in love with (Tutti Bambini), its SO gorgeous and the wood is SOOOOO nice that you wanna sweep your hands on it all the time. It’s 3 in 1 thing where it can be cot, sofa bed and bed as well (when you take down the sides). My love rejected by M, I settled for Cosatto Arlo that does the whole 3 in 1 thing as well. It costs GBP 100 cheaper than my original love. We saw it at kiddicare , the 3 storey ikea-for-baby stuff ‘mall’, and I saw it being both bed, sofa bed and cot….and basically sat on the sofa bed comfortably for awhile whilst we pondered over our options (and figuring out the measurements that could fit our room) – already imagining myself sitting on sofa bed when baby is bigger and reading him a book.

Wow, this whole ACTUAL buying baby cot feels bit surreal. Part of me wants to wait…. till baby comes out? I know, I know its the paeds in me that’s still scared and apprehensive and would just believe it only when healthy baby is in my hands :s

Anyway, I was gonna talk about something else. Oh yeah….

I’ve been rearranging, clearing and cleaning our room. Dont worry, whenever I do a lil bit of work, I end up taking 1-2 hours of chilled out/nap time to compensate. My main project at the mo is cleaning our carpeted floor 😦 Carpeted floor is NOT a good idea, for those designing a house. Better tile and then put carpet on people. Or wooden floor. So our carpet has been accumulating hair (mine, of course) and dust and the total effect is now getting to me (read: darkened beige carpet = disgusting). So with my ample time, ive been cleaning the carpet and sweeping the hair out. It’s quite satisfying actually. In last 2 days, dividing the room into chunks, I’ve managed to clean our room and now the room feels and smells divinely clean. (Inda jua distracted sembahyang ku, meliat rambut2 and dust on the carpet – awu inda khusyuk baginya).

I also went to antenatal class yesterday. Michelle (see pic in previous post) huffed it away when I mentioned of going and said I knew the stuff anyway. I thought well, it doesnt hurt to learn new things and I shouldnt be arrogant enough to think I know everything right. Well…..I should have listened to Michelle, cos 1. I was the ONLY person in the class and 2. I knew 95% of the things they told me. Make that 98%. So it was more like a recap of obstetric module all over again. When the midwife explained things, I was biting my lips not to say anything (they didnt know my job and I wasnt about to tell them) even when she forgot what entonox was made of (oxygen and……. *long pause* NITROUS OXIDE!!!!!). When she asked if I knew the stages of labour, I mentioned the 3 stages, she looked well impressed. lol

What DID I learn? I watched a video about breastfeeding and that was actually quite good (felt teary when baby was put to breast after being born. I see this all the time but nowadays, it just puts a lump in my throat). Nose to nipple, people! And also, stay away from the hospital for as long as you can cos the anxiety of being in hospital will make you feel and labour be worse (says midwife).

I imagined learning breathing techniques – you know how they show it in movies. Yeah, none of that here. So guess, all that waiting before baby comes out that entails my job will be handy cos this is what midwives always say to women in labour:

1. Put chin to chest
2. Do put bum on bed and dont bring it up even though u feel tempted to. Putting bum in bed apparently helps with pushing.
3. Can put hands on back of thighs to help with pushing
4. Dont scream (too much) as this just takes away your energy and better to focus energy on pushing effectively
5. When pushing, dont make the guttral noise – again this diverts energy away from breathing and pushing effectively
6. If sliding down, best to get partner/midwife to slide you back up and make you more comfortable
7. When baby’s head is coming out, it will feel like stinging sensation (so the mothers in labour say) but need to ‘push through the pain’.
8. Don’t push in between contractions
9. When baby’s head about to come out, can start panting instead of pushing (like in movies)

For partners, this is what you can do (from observations):
1. Offer/get iced drinks – it’s hot in the room!
2. Wipe hair away
3. Stay away from the leg end of the room! Hehehe thats what I’m warning M anyway. It’s not a pretty sight!

Actually, partner can do whatever he wants cos the mothers seem to be in their own pushing world anyway. But best to sit down if feel faint – dont wanna be a liability in the room!

oK, this is getting long so I’ll end this now >_<

Lotsa love, me

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