Aqua natal, I love

Went swimming today at the supposedly aquanatal class. I called the day before if they still have the class but apparently NHS has stopped it due to lack of demand (BOO), but they said its still ladies only session. So braving the early-ish morning (9am), I went there in my burkini gear. Got changed and was the only person there, but hey-ho, means I can do whatever I want (pee in pool? hehehe KIDDING).

After 2 laps, realise there was a guy sitting in the guard chair. OOPSS. Isnt this supposed to be ladies only? Anyway, I went back to changing room and was thinking of going when I realise HELLO, I’m wearing burkini, so it’s ok. Just need to put the cap on. And when I came out, the guard changed to a girl not long after (maybe they realise my discomfort?). A

It was the best 30 minutes for my back, hips and legs in awhile. Pain and discomfort gone, and whilst I was exercising, I didnt feel tired or that I was exerting myself. It just felt right to be in the water. Gravity-less was indeed good for me. Baby was quite happy too I reckon, he was kicking away whilst I was doing laps. (Lotsa breaks between laps of course)

I’m such a scaredy cat though…I wont go past the ‘1.5 metre’ line and get palpitations when I think I’m near it. Ok basically, I’ve nearly drowned twice in my life and it was pretty traumatising. Ok dont ask why a non swimmer like me was in a pool or jumped into Kg Ayer waters (a story for another time). but basically I couldnt swim for a long while. Until….. I found out I was about to ship myself over to the UK. Which means getting on a plane, that will fly over the sea and continents. And though I’ve flown before (including to Heng-Gland), this time I went uh-oh, must learn to swim! What if plane crashed to deep blue sea??? (I’m morbid and thinks of freaky stuff like that)

So I decided, at the age of 17, to learn to swim …just in case.

At that time, my cousin swam a lot and said to join her and she can teach me. Our first swimming lesson went like this:

Her: Bah swim tah.
Me: Huh?
Her: Go swim.

She said just push my feet to end of pool and push myself away and make swimming motions. When I -of course- failed to do this effectively, she concluded that I was too scared to let myself be. (another huh??) She told me to just let myself drop to the floor of pool and see what happens – this is still at the shallow end btw, but I was still apprehensive. When I finally did what she told me, the penny finally dropped cos I could see that even if I ‘drop down’, my body will still automatically float upwards. And when it did, thats when I learnt to make the swimming motions (I think its called butterfly stroke). So my swimming isnt great and not strong, but I felt better then at the thought of ‘what if’.

Wish I started swimming earlier. I’ve been feeling pretty sloth-like and missing that ‘exercising’ sweaty feeling, and now a sport pregnant me can safely do!

Lotsa love…

ps. I still cant swim properly or breath properly underwater. Need to learn swimming properly!
pps. Wish I have my own pool, then can have pain-relief moments like just now *ahhhhhh*
ppps. Makes me want to get baby to swim at early age. Wont that be cool???

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