Winter is here

First proper day of leave (last wknd didnt ? doesnt? count cos we were road-tripping).

Anyway, so off today and feeling quite restless. It’s cold and grey outside, if the weather was better, I would be happier having time off. Instead it feels lonely and cold in the apartment. Winter has arrived – change of time yesterday and its officially winter.

Cannot button my coats cos bump is in the way. But there’s only 1 month plus left insyaAllah, so I cant be bothered to buy new coat. Plus pregnancy has made me well insulated. I can tolerate lower temperatures much better now… Can baby feel cold inside? Or will it be well insulated with amniotic fluid?

Have to start putting heating on nowadays too. And take extra blanket to bed (Actually not my idea since I feel too warm now with duvet on). Sigh, I don’t like the winter.

Winter means ….

less daylight hours.
grey clouds.
cannot do so much outdoorsy stuff – like going to park.
wanting to hibernate all the time – with a hot cuppa tea and good book and duvet/fleece blanket.
Trying not to slip when road is icy
Slushy dirty melting snow

Pros for winter:

An excuse to buy extra layers of clothing – the outside layers are more important as thats what people see. You might as well wear PJs underneath.
Cute gloves and earmuffs.
Hot cuppa tea and a good book
That wonderful feeling of snuggling under the duvet (also means you dont wanna wake up in the morning :s)
The snow before it melts

Who am I kidding? I’m an equator girl through and through.

Love, Equator girl

ps. I’m not used to having immense off time that I’m putting a list of ‘what needs to be done’, ‘chores to do’, ‘things to buy’, etc etc. I love making lists.

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