Back to Victorian times

Up at the northern part of the country….in Durham, visiting Big Bro 1, who has arrived here maybe 1 month ago for his masters.

Ive been here before as Big Bro 3 is doing his pHD here as well – dont ask why theyve opted for high up far northern place! Payah kali ah for east midlanders like me….plus its extra cold!

That said, Durham is a pretty place, kampung but pretty. M described it like Harry Potter style, cobblestones and castles but posher.

Big Bro 1’s place has been renovated by an 1860s old man …it seems like anyway. The wallpaper is beige with faces of victorian silhouettes and the curtains are equally beige with naked angels. its a good thing i cant see well without my glasses!

The consolation are that the rooms have neutral wallpaper and the kitchen feels spacious and modern with nice wooden flooring. and the heating is good.

Anyway gotta go and paint newcastle’s town red (we’ve given up on durham for entertainment).

love me

ps. theres a painting that freaks me out a bit each time i go out of the room:

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