Sarah M & Coco Chanel

Have always wanted to go to comedy show….and insyaAllah we’re going to one!

I think I’ve mentioned about Sarah Millican before this, perhaps posted a youtube video of her doing standup comedy. She’s got this adorable Manchester accent and when she says things oh so matter-factly, it makes her delivery even punchier!

Anyway anyway anyway, we’re going to see her early next month AWOOOHOOOOOO!Mumtathil basically has taken his annual leave next month including combining it with his off days post oncall/nights. Which means he’ll be off for about 3 weeks (not at once though, but beggars cant be choosers). Sooooooo we can use the time to get baby things ready as I’ll be 35 weeks beginning Nov.

…… Sebanarnya, hajat ku kan travel pulang 😦 But I don’t think any flight – short haul/long haul – is an option. Too risky, even for the daredevil in me. There IS disneyland paris!! But I dont fancy giving birth – or having the risk of – in Paris. Kapisan language barrier! (And we know the French aren’t so keen to speak Anglo speak) The notion of having a french midwife (in my head, scary big-boned busty one – as opposed to sexy, slim that can say coco chanel in that seductive voice) is too scary to even ponder long.

…… Having a sexy, slim, coco-chanel midwife is even worse maybe. There I am grunting, hair all over the place, sweating, legs splayed out and in comes my coco-chanel midwife. No thank you!

Anyway rambling. The point is – we’re watching Sarah Millican and attempting to embrace as much couple time/a life before baby comes. (But we love you, baby, regardless)

Love, me

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