Our story

I’m not sure why I’m still having readers despite me not blogging so much (and when I do, rambling on something not-so-sensical).


1. Did my Paeds exam today. Yes even after graduating and working, we still have exams to do until we’re consultants (aka Big Boss). For paeds, I have to pass 4 exams – part 1a, part 1b, part 2 and clinicals. Passed Part 1a but failed part 1b awhile back ?last year. This is my 3rd attempt at Part 1b and …….the exam today was HORRIBLE. Sigh. Even more depressing is that I actually studied for it properly this time 😦

Moving on please……..

I actually wanted to talk about something happy as have been feeling down in the dumps since the exam.

So I was talking to M today about how my friends’ relationships are ‘long’, which are all quite relative. For me, 1-2 years before getting married is fairly ‘fast’ – esp when they decided quite early to get married. For him, that’s long. Which really reflects how our relationship kicked it off in the beginning budding (bunga kuntum memekar – Adakah memekar?) period.

Every relationship has a story. And ours started off with being in medical school. In a way, it’s not surprising I ended up with someone from med school. See the percentages of medic couples. It’s way more than medic-non medic couples. Which is better? Certainly if you wanna see more of your spouse, choose the latter!

So anyway, we knew each other about 4-5 years ago. As a batch, we were divided in med school into ‘streams’ and ours were red stream. It just means that you’ll be doing the same rotations (medicine, orthopaedic, surgery, etc) every 8 weeks and so you’ll see each other during the weekly teaching or you might be attached in the same department in same hospital. We have the brief conversation here and there, before teaching, in the hospital corridor. Intermittent, just like two people in the same batch who know each other. (The Asians/Internationals/British who get on well with Asians&Internationals hang out together more basically)

In our last rotation, we did A&E together. Usually we have our clinical partners but in A&E, you get separated, and so because we didnt have our clinical partners with us, sought company from others. He and Praneil were the two that I knew and felt comfortable hanging out with in between clerking patients. We had to do nights too, and I remember hanging out with him then. He said he remembered hitting my head with tendon hammer for whatever reason and felt guilty afterwards but I have no recollection of this at all.

And so, we hung out more and MSN-ed more (oh wow, I havent used MSN for a long long time). We never saw each other outside work nor do we text/call each other. But then finals came and graduation came. And as I was bored waiting between graduation and work (2 months of freedom), we MSNed more. I remember him telling me about his zoo of a family (he has 11 siblings) but what I remember most is how good a guy he is. They pray together as a family – even when his parents aren’t there!- something I’m not used to and was quite impressed with. He knew his Japanese/korean dramas too, which again is atypical. The British here – I think – don’t watch Oriental drama. I soon learnt his affinity to things Oriental (despite being half chinese but not speaking the language nor adopting any chinese culture/heritage).

At the time, I was to start work in kettring and him in Leicester. So we wont be able to bump into each other (as our meetings are usually sporadic and unplanned..and isnt so much a meeting as ‘bumping’ into each other and talking for a minute or two).

I did have this inkling of ‘ihhh baik jua ya ani ah, and its just NICE to be around him’. I’m not sure if I found him physically attractive then, but I didnt find him physically repulsive either – so thats something right? Hehe! But it was just too complicated to ponder for too long. He’s from here, and I havent decided about staying here to continue work or going back home earlier, and he’s from here (my brain has been ingrained to ‘kawin urang melayu brunei’ since forever – thanks, Ma).

Anyway there was no reciprocal behaviour I felt, so why play with fire right? A year passed where I had a good good time in Kettring. Discovering more of myself post study, enjoying not studying. Stressing about work yes, but enjoying life much much more. And the moolah! Ahhh, what a wonderful feeling of finally earning money. I was out of my comfort zone, living in a different place, different people, and Alhamdulillah, met people who has coloured my life so much and helped me through tough times (for the first year of working will always be a rollercoaster).

And then, one day, when I was about to come back to live and work in Leics, I was spending the weekend in Leics with Fets and guess who I bumped into? My future husband, but little did I know it then. Then, what came upon me, was just a familiar feeling of ‘hey it’s nice to be around him’. I remember walking down Granby street with Fets on that sunny day and he was on the other side of the street. Smiling now, cos there are certain memories that etches on your head forever. We ended up spending the whole day together (thanks fets, our quality time included him jua!) and my friends were already itching and rubbing their hands in glee. Did they see what we didn’t by then? Or just ‘iski’ for me to have a man in my life? Something to ask them one day!

At a snail’s pace, we got to know each other more and hung out more.

At the same time, the movie ‘He’s just not that into you’ came out and I was like ‘he doesnt like me! he’s just not that into me!’ cos I felt he wasnt reciprocal enough and was more passive than what I’m used to. (We didn’t talk on the phone for long and only very very intermittently even after a few weeks of this ‘hanging out’ period). On the other hand, he felt I was just being too enigmatic and wasnt sure whether I was just being friendly. But cupid came in the name of my best friend Zimah, who basically dragged it out of him via MSN. The same MSN conversation which conveniently landed in my inbox.

And the rest is history.

Ok, to be continued…if I feel like it! Haha, ngalih sudah and ready for bed! Plus this is getting too too personal for me, but I think – our story is to be shared. Because maybe… he IS THAT into you πŸ™‚ And that you never know what’s around the corner or walking down the street for you.

We’re just over a year married and two years together as a couple now. And everyday, I’m thankful that I have this indescribably wonderful person in my life.

Lotsa love,



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4 responses to “Our story

  1. fadlina

    please move to tumblr so its easy for me to follow you. such a sweet love story. i wonder what his confession was on msn.please continue!

    • Salam fad! I had to google what tumblr is there – hehe, bawah tempurung jua ih! I’ll consider changing over there (lagi sanang follow pasal can go straight to twitter kah?) once start on leave – ie have lotsa free time! that said, do YOU have a tumblr? Mesti ku look thru my inbox to find that msn convo to remember what exactly he said, ehhe! insyaAllah will continue, tapi not much story after I’m afraid! xx

  2. fadlina

    cariii..hahaha..memajal. i have no idea since i dont tweet ( lagi bawah tempurung) but i imagine that it could? bah migrate tah.s.o.o.n. i prefer to read blog of people that i actually know rather than follow people i dont know, but who are nevertheless very interesting hehehe.. yes i do have tumblr. its peachnchip.tumblr.com. i write to my baby. hehehe

    ohh after reading your shopping items for baby, you might want to consider cloth diaper for your baby later on. its saves a whole lot of money. have a read on it. x

    • Have read your tumblr and now your silent stalker reader. Hehe, your girl is quite the precious cute one, masyaAllah! πŸ™‚ Am reading up on cloth diapers tapi still unsure how it works. Do you ACTUALLY have to wash all the poo out???? Or is there an insert you can throw away? (cos am not keen on scraping poo out :s)

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