Raspberry Swirl

Had craving for ice cream – in particular Raspberry Swirl. How very the 90s right? I remember eating that a lot in high school, nyum nyum. Anyway, there’s no raspberry swirl ice cream in Tesco (have they stopped making it?), so M being the very kind and thoughtful husband bought a tub of vanilla ice cream and blended some fresh raspberries to put on top of it. Result? Just like raspberry swirl ice cream I ate in MS! YAY!

Have I mentioned that we have reached our first anniversary a few days ago? Typical he was working that day whilst I was (finally) free and off work. Never mind! We spent a few hours just wandering around town before he had to go to sleep before his night shift. Am I getting old and boring or the fact that we just spent time together regardless of what we were doing was great for me already?

That said, can’t wait for both of us being finally off together … maybe another 1 weekend? Antah must check our rotas.

I know I haven’t been blogging much but its cos I’m boring and have no stories to tell or thoughts to ponder. Having more conversations with baby! Kicking more and my tummy GROWING, its kinda scary in a way to look in mirror.

Aight, time to sleep (11 am and already going to bed!! :s)

Lotsa love, me

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