Sudah bayar zakat?

The million dollar question currently. Actually, the million dollar qs in everyone’s mind is: Isuk kah raya? (for UKians)

Feel quite sad and disappointed in myself really. Didn’t make full use of Ramadan as what I had hoped.

Also feel bit depressed that I’m spending Raya yet another year away from family. Actually, was a LOT depressed the other day. But then I thought – how lucky am I, I’m spending it with my lovely husband (though on night shifts)…our first Eid together. And with baby boy kicking very actively these days too, insyaAllah an addition to the family before we know it. InsyaAllah.

Then I got thinking to Muslims around the world – the Africans who are struggling to find food and battling for their life, the Libyans who are fighting for some stability and their freedom. And here I am – complaining that I don’t have mama’s kek roll and not being able to BE there with my family. Astaghfirullah, I have no complaints really.

In a bid to DO make myself feel better, I’m cooking an array of dishes:

We’ve already marinated some satay ayam and lamb (payah dapat beef sini ani!) and made some kuah satay.
Rest of menu includes:

Nasi minyak – M was horrified that it contains ghee. But ghee makes food SO nyaman. Athresclerotic…but NYAMAN.
Ayam rendang – which looking at the freezer, will be daging rendang. Cos ayam kami sikit. OPS.
Kek batik – again contains a LOT of butter.

** Dubious whether I’ll actually do this. As my attempts before in making agar2 has failed epically. (adakah epic-ally??)

Anyway, jangan banyak masak. Membazir saja karang (reminder to self). Jangan tah turutkan nafsu ani, Fiz. Macam tah puasa jua hehe.

Which reminds me….sudah bayar zakat? Not just zakat fitrah. But zakat harta. Reminder given by M , thanks sayang!

Love, me

ps. I use this to calculate my zakat—>

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