Luqman the wise

Talking to my friend about potential name for baby. M and I have been veto-ing each other and whilst there is one name I haven’t veto-ed yet, I’m not in LOVE with it just yet. I’m more into old names, rather than new, and of course, where else to find inspiration but from the Quran.

She mentioned of the name Luqman and I know ada surah Luqman, but wasnt really sure what the surah was about. So I started reading about it.

“Luqman(A.S.) was born in the Continent of Africa. He grew up in the jungle and walked barefoot. Only the lower part of his body was covered in a loin cloth. His daily encounter with wild animals and life in the jungle made him strong and fearless. It was his habit to think deeply over nature around him, from which he learnt new and fascinating things daily.

One day while sitting in the shade of a tree, he fell into a deep sleep, He clearly saw an Angel before him who gave him the good news that Allah had chosen to favour him. He was given a choice. He could either become a Prophet or ask for wisdom. Luqman(A.S.) chose wisdom. When he awoke, he became aware that his senses and understanding had sharpened. He felt in complete harmony with nature and could understand the inner meaning of things, beyond their physical reality. Immediately he bowed down and thanked and praised Allah for this wonderful gift.”

There are quite a few stories concerning him in the Qur’an. But this I like best:

“Luqman(A.S.) was captured by slave traders who invaded Africa. They sold him as a slave. He found that he was robbed of his freedom. He could neither move nor speak freely. This was the first trial he had to bear.

He suffered his bondage patiently, for his heart was lit with Faith and hope, and he was waiting for Allah’s action.

The man who bought him was a good as well as an intelligent man. He treated Luqman with kindness. He was able to detect that Luqman was not an ordinary man and tried to test his intelligence.

He ordered Luqman(A.S.) to slaughter a sheep and to bring its worst part to him. Luqman(A.S.) slaughtered the sheep and took its heart and tongue to his master. On receiving them his master smiled, fascinated by Luqman(A.S.) ‘s choice of the’worst’. He understood that Luqman(A.S.) was trying to convey some deep meaning, though he could not make out exactly what. From this moment his owner began to take more interest in Luqman(A.S.) and showed more kindness to him.

A few days later, Luqman(A.S.) was again instructed to slaughter a sheep, but this time he was asked to take the best parts of the animal to the owner. Luqman(A.S.) slaughtered a sheep, and to his master’s amazement, again brought the same organs (the heart and the tongue). His master asked Luqman(A.S.) how the heart and the tongue could be both the worst and the best parts. The wise Luqman(A.S.) answered: The tongue and the heart are the sweetest parts if its owner is pure; and if he is wicked, they too are as wicked ! Thereafter, Luqman(A.S.) ‘s owner held him in great respect. Luqman(A.S.) was consulted by many people for advice, and the fame of his wisdom spread all over the country.”

The two things that we should protect – our tongue (yang astaghfirullah for me, mudah lari) and our heart (just because I think nobody can hear/know what I think/feel does not make it right).

A reminder first and foremost for myself 🙂

Love, me

ps. Weeeekeeenddd!

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