Yummy totes!

Yummy Mummy Red Butterflies Laminate | Pink Lining.

Alright, alright. I know I’m supposed to be doing some serious window shopping for cots and carriers, but I SOMEHOW managed to get distracted with this one. When I told M about diaper bags, he went ‘AHHHH but you have so many bags? why can’t you use one of them?’. Ishhh spoiler! On the other hand, he has completely taken over the stoller research. He has read reviews and watch videos online on how these strollers work. Strollers are just strollers right? As long as they’re not too heavy and I can put my baby in it and would last us for awhile, sorted! Anyway to those in the baby stroller know-how, I think we’re getting the Quinny Zapp. I tried selling him another stroller but his heart is in the Quinny already. He’s actually eyeing other people’s stroller when we’re out and trying to see what the brands are. BULEH.

Tapi kan… mahal this bag. But so pretty, so cute. AND functional.


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3 responses to “Yummy totes!

  1. We totally recommend the Quinny Zapp! The bag however…. ;p

  2. Lyn

    I heart our quinny zapp too! Most definitely recommended!! I have been tempted by diaper bags before (and now n again), but they are soooooooooo expensive when all they are is just a big handbag with lots of compartments, I can never justify getting one.

    Ps: u sound like ure working too hard for someone who’s carrying a baby!

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