Listening to Maher Zain now.

I’m not major major fan of him (as in stalker) but I do like his songs. And now listening to his songs has lightened my mood.

Apologies for not writing sooner… has been on night shifts, which has been the worse and most tiring for me. Think it was combination of not having enough sleep in daytime and having continous non-stop-not-able-to-sit-and-eat work all night long. On the last night shift at 6 am, I was practically zombie-like and I knew I had to eat something or else be completely non-functional. The last 2 nights, I brought sandwich and nasi goreng, and for the 2 nights, it remain untouched. It went straight back to fridge when I went home. So on the 3rd night, I took a bite and it was manky…dont know if that’s a real word but that’s now it tasted like. BANGAS ok. Had to regurgitate it out, even the hungry me wouldnt eat it. But anyway, with my phone in one hand and lunch container in another, there was a sudden wave of extreme exhaustion. Fell asleep without realising it and woke up with a jump when my phone fell to the floor. Oh dear, was supposed to be a 5 minute break as I was supposed to go review a baby afterwards.

Anyway, nights over. And now I’m enjoying my one week holiday. Actually, not so much enjoying it cos I kept thinking of things that I might have missed or salah baca or whatever. Aghhh!

New job in new hospital is not too bad. They’re more strict with how things work and very keen on the trainees’ progression. I dont mind really, it makes me want to learn more.

As for my one week hol (5 days days off post nights, 1 bank holiday and 1 annual leave day), I’m hoping to:

1. clean and empty even more the guest room … to make room for baby stuff 🙂
2. sort out laundry (never ending jua the laundry!)
3. Cook better meals for M, kesian ya…. suboptimal sungkai meals all this time.
4. Look seriously into baby stuff: cot and carrier need to be decided!
5. Study, study, study! Repeat exam in 1 month plus!!! 😦
6. And most importantly, make full use of the remaining ramadan. I haven’t been good really, with a lot of evening and night shifts recently. But insyaAllah….

I’m very very very tempted to get excited over raya. I know there wont be much of a raya as most of my friends balik dah and M is on nights then. But I still want to DO something then. But must remember (peringatan untuk diri sendiri) make full use of ramadan first!

Lotsa love,

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