Hello Optimus Premium!

Hehehe. Thats what Im secretly (in my heart) calling new car. Either that or Alfie. Both have been veto-ed by M. The former on the basis of it being blue and so not a cool sporty car – its a blue ford five door hatchback, more of a family car than sporty one (huuuu). The latter was rejected pasal it sounds like a dog! Sheesh. Hasnt he watched the movie Alfie??

Anyway ill just show the pic cos lapar and cant think (inda jua puasa tapi lapar masih).


And so ends an era with Neville, my 12 year old vauxhall who does not have automatic locking or aircond. And the cambelt apparently is on the verge of being ruined – like a time bomb, it will suddenly stop working and my car will suddenly stop. So of course aku takut! And dont get me started on the ‘eeeee’ noises it makes when braking, turning over curve and sometimes randomly in motorways!!!!

Sigh neville we had fun while it lasted! All the roadtrips and driving to hiking places and commuting. Thank you or not breaking down on me!


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