The cutest Japanese girl

As from my last post, I am now a regular watcher of her videos!

How can she articulate so well even when upset? Hope I can bring up my kid like this! Nangis but can tell why she/he’s crying.

And this just confirms M’s theory of raising a kid bilingually. M plans to speak English at home, and I’ll speak Malay. Thought that would be difficult as I speak both languages anyway. But this confirms that the child will pick up both languages if they can distinguish the two different languages.

And my ultimate favourite…… Making up after a fight with her Papa! *awwwwwww*

Ok, I know macam stalker-ish, but there’s thousands out there who’re like me from the looks of the youtube comments!

It makes me think, looking at these videos, on how we will be as parents. I wish we can have plenty of time with our kid nanti. With how things are now, we’re exhausted after days of oncall. I’ll be out of the house for 12 hour shifts, be out before baby gets up and be back and baby will be asleep dah. And when I am back, I’m really really tired. I hope I can have plenty of time with baby, for some mama-and-him time, to watch him grow, and to nurture him the way I’d like him to be. Now I know why people want to work part time!

Love, me


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3 responses to “The cutest Japanese girl

  1. Nisa

    Omg, I’m melting after that last video! What a sweetheart!! Gaaahhh!!

  2. Azimah

    awwhh.. I love her videos! Especially the frustrated donut librarian.. even I don’t think I can respond in Malay and English as quick. Haha.

    Good luck with speaking Malay/bahasa Brunei Fiz!

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