Splurge of adrenaline

Woke up without M today but my compensation was a sunny thursday morning. Had a splurge of semangat-ness and went for a quick jog. Fizan is over the last 2 days and she was like ‘bawa kunci!kan mandi ku ni!’. I was adamant that she’d still be watching Nina the cute japanese kid on youtube when i’m back and she’s right! (more on Nina later!!)

So went for a jog around the block TWICE, which i think is about 1 km altogether. Pat onthe back me thinks, considering i havent sweated this much for months! The only exercise I get is running/jogging to crash calls (i actually think thats exercise ok…menyamankan ati)

In case there are those out there who are horrified with my jogging, its ok! My obs&gynae trainee friend said its ok to jog as long as its normal for you pre-pregnancy. Ok so i think she meant it as a ‘regular routine’ but never mind! I had a good sweat without overexerting myself and it sure feels good to get out of my sloth routine!

Moving on… I wanna go to Japan! And meet the cutest bilingual girl, Nina! So we’ve been stalking the youtube videos of her that her dad has posted. And oh what a clever adorable girl!

I cant post the video here cos i dont know how via iphone! but go watch – ‘The frustrated shopkeeper’ and ‘Nina explains situation in Egypt’. Makes both of us (me and fizan) broody!

Lotsa love me!


Me and bump in jogging attire >_<

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