Sleeping beauty

Im not sure about the beauty bit (certainly do not feel like the glowing pregnant figure you see in mags/as depicted by everyone else) but am sleeping quite a lot these days.

Now those who knows me, knows that my fav location in the house is in front of the tv, where i am usually taking a nap or watchig ANTM (or Amazing race, if i was back home). But this is beyond ridiculous. I spent the weekend just sleeping 3/4 of the time.

I blame not having anything to do, no new ‘projects’, no exams to study for (yet). I have facebooked till boredom, reading or watching tv makes me go zzz. M is studying ALL the time for his exams so no one to entertain me. So bored was i that i ironed (almost) all of M’s clothes. ok i must admit now that i dont usually iron his clothes. This is due to the fact that I get up earlier than him for work (he gets AT LEAST half an hour more sleep) and that I work longer hours. This all means that between the two of us, I spend less time at home and when i am at home sweet home, am knackered.

That said, I tried to convince him to see me taking more than the 6 months paid maternity leave. He thinks ill just be bored. After 2 hours straight of ironing, he may well be right.

Being a housewife is a thankless job too me thinks!


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5 responses to “Sleeping beauty

  1. Ahmad Adam Mohd Isa

    A thankless job????
    It is a job of such high status (not in the worldly sense)

    • Heh, I meant it in the worldly sense Adam! As in nada pay rise or promotion and people think you’re doing nothing all day ‘except’ for taking care of the kids and house (the perception anyway)! But yes, in the non-worldly sense, moms have such a high status Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚ How’s humayra and Lyn?

      • Lyn

        Humayra and lyn are well πŸ™‚ makin siuk sudah si humayra ani as she reaches little milestones like laughing (but payah make her laugh out loud), liat tv (much to my displeasure), faking sleep (kedapatan cos her eyes normally buka sikit wen she sleeps sumtyms,but wen I smiled she smiled back n woke up)

        I am finding that having a baby changes ur perspective on everything! No amount of maternity leave is enough. Although I miss work regularly (workaholic still deep inside), the joy of seeing that toothless grin 1st thing in the morning just makes me want to stay at home always (even if it is only 5am). Cheesy, yes. But being a mum is AWESOME!!

        Hope u & m are well!! Xxxx

  2. Lyn

    Oh, n also. Masa my 1st trimester ALL I wanted to do was sleep. ALL the time. U sound like ure doing well, alhamdulillah. We are all anticipating the arrival of Cali baby no.3. Competition for Hakeem. πŸ™‚ Cana kami kan pass u the cali swing ni ah?

  3. adam

    I would urge all of you to be full-time housewives/mothers!
    So much better than being “doctors”

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