The worst patient ever

Me,that is.

Seriously think im a better dr than i am a patient. Firstly i missed my midwife appointment yesterday 😦 I’m actually
one of those patients that DNA-ed (Did Not Attend). And this is not the first time… Ive done it for my first ever appointment. *crumbles in shame* AND i was late for the last appointment, by 30 minutes!!! *hides inside cave*

This is all for valid reasons really. The first appointment was at 9 am and I was still on a night shift. I didnt realise till it was too late to swap. So the plan was to leave early but OF COURSE there had to be an emergency and I couldnt leave.

The appointment that I was late, i was post nights. So i fell asleep, I didnt even plan to sleep, but somehow I did 😦 was late but midwife was free still and nice enough to be nice to me!

(I really like my midwife btw)

And then, yesterday!! I planned with everyone that Im going to leave early. But I was left in ward alone as we were short staffed (surprise surprise) and I was trying to finish allthe jobs before I leave. And my reg did come before I go and I handed over to her. Got there to train stn 3 mins before train arrived. And then (this is the crucial bit) I felt really hungry so decided to buy that choc bar really really quickly. The result? Train arrived, i stood in front of train but couldnt get in cos theyve locked it 😦 😦 Another DNA.


Also *in small voice* i havent taken my iron tablets despite it being prescribed more than 2 weeks ago. theres just no time to drop by pharmacy! And when there was time, m too tired to go! (realise that might benmy anaemia talking) also *smaller voice* i kinda forgot i was prescribed tablets.

I told you Im a bad patient! boo hoo.


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2 responses to “The worst patient ever

  1. zimah si amazin

    oii. take good care of ur health!

  2. 😦 iye iye. taking iron tablets now. and actualyy feel quite better/less lethargic!!

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