Mouths to feed

I know, this is kinda belated. But I’m sure the problem is still ongoing. The drought in East Africa, that is.

Charity should be something of a regularity, especiallynfor those of us who can afford it. What’s another pound/dollar or two…or even five. If you’re like me, where money can come out easily after an hour or two at the shopping mall, another fiver is relatively nothing to us.

Bruneians in general are quite generous I find. And during Ramadan, charitable acts are ten folds. But shouldn’t we be more proactive, more giving throughout the year?

I just read regardng the drought appeal in East Africa. I cant say I know how they feel as I never had the problem of scarcely having any food. (and even wgen the fridge is empty, there’s ALWAYS something to munch on) And even after a day of fasting, I know they’ll be a feast waiting for me.

Please open up your hearts and wallets for people who are in need of it. Take your pick which charity organisation you donate to, Muslim Aid, Islamic Relief, red cross. As long as ada niatnya, insyaAllah our deeds would get us closer to Our Rabb.

I cant put the link for Islamuc relief here cos I’m techno illiterate like that. You know what’s amazing though…. this whole internet/glbalisation thing has made it so much easier fir us. With the click of a button, we can give so easily (I like Islamic relief cos it’s fast too).

Gnyt people….or Gmorning.

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