Buying a car and all its headache

It’s the weekend, weekend, weekend (sings to Rebecca Black’s Friday song)… But its torrentially raining outside and I’m home alone. *skips to ‘All by Myself’ song* M is with the boys for a boys weekend (rock climbing, go ape-ing, canoeing…PAH!). Partly sad that I’m left alone – drama jua, 2 days and 1 night jua saja – and also jealous that he gets to do these exciting things whilst his pregnant wife has been adventure-less for awhile (ok lets not talk about my paragliding in Thailand).

Anywaaaaay, I’ve been thinking of buying a new car for awhile. I’ve got my Neville, a lovely navy blue Vauxhall Astra clocking at more than 100,000 miles now but still chugging along nicely, sitting out there in the rain because we don’t have a garage that comes with this apartment.

Now Neville, named after Gary Neville – NOT Neville Longbottom ok, has clocked in more than 100,000 miles a few months ago. He is now, I believe, 12 years old and in today’s world (or Brunei’s world) considered to be ancient. When I told my dad the mileage, he went – Eeeeeh, kalau di brunei, bali kerita baru sudah tu. And it’s not like Neville is some classic vintage car. No, it’s plain old Vauxhall Astra. That said, it is still working. There might be some underlying problems BUT it is still able to do its function of bringing me from A to B safely, insyaAllah.

Reasons why I want to sell Neville and buy new car:
1. Neville had some noisy squeaky problems, which has mysteriously disappeared in the last month or two. But it has intermittently appeared. It props up when I turn the wheels to the right. Frankly, it scares me.

2. Neville’s cam belt needs repairing/replacing. Despite the fact that I JUST repaired it last year. The replacement (or is it repair?) would set us back a few hundred pounds. If the cam belt goes one day, I would need to buy a whole new engine.

3. As of above, being pregnant and insyaAllah having a baby in a few months time makes me want to be safe in my travels. Especially since I’ll be commuting to Northampton, my new hospital, which is about 1 hour drive away. I used to be ‘insyaAllah, OK NI!’ in my approach to life but I feel I shouldn’t take any risks anymore. (Wow, am I growing up?)

4. I currently am stable and at my peak in finances. So perhaps a good idea to buy car now before baby comes?

5. Neville is old and does not have a/c. In the summer, I have to roll the windows down and endure smelly manure fields whilst driving to work. As for the winter icy times, he warms up quite slowly. It takes me 5 minutes to thaw the ice and eventually resort to manually removing the ice. (I realise how slow it is when my colleague jumps in HER ford fiesta and zoomed off in her ice-less car after 1 minute of getting in) He also doesn’t do central locking. ‘Jangan lupa, tutup pintu!’ would be the usual shout to other passengers before going out of car.

Quite simply, I’m bored of Neville and just want a new car.

Neville, you have been brilliant in transporting me and M and friends everywhere. You have been everywhere in the last 3 years – roadtrip to Leeds, Cardiff, Durham, Manchester, Snowdonia, random hikes to Peak district. You have been a starting car for M when he first had his license (and ahem, when learning). You have been a witness to many laughters and jokes and sorry, accidents. But it might be goodbye for you soon.

That is, once this owner of yours get an idea on which car to buy (Golf GTI? Kia? Ford?) and how to actually buy one. Any tips, dear readers, on how to buy cars?

I’ve set up my budget.
I want a used car. (I think, until we’re registrar level or maybe even higher, then we’ll buy our DREAM DREAM car)
I want hatchback-style.
Neville is long-ish, so I want a smaller car so parking would be easier.

My heart was actually set on to Golf GTI but I’ve been reading up on it and it said that it’s more expensive compared its rivals. Hmmmmm. I dont even know cars that well… all this engine size and whatever. I just want a reliable, small (but spacey) used car with good mileage and very few minor problems, if any, that can bring me to work and town and Evington, so I can bali my halal ayam. From time to time, I will count on it to make roadtrips to places across the country.

Can someone just be car buyer for me?

Neville at the right side. Hiking up Snowdonia, Summer 2010.

Up Mount Snowdonia, where it started raining. Wet and lunch-less because SOMEONE *uhukshafiquhuk* left our lunch at our cabin.

But it’s ok, cos we had BBQ afterwards (but of course!).

And STILL had food leftover for breakfast the next day. Featured our stationary caravan.

And gave us energy to climb trees!

Ahhh. The good old days.

Love, me

ps. Tetukar tia post pasal snowdonia!

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  1. zimah si amazin

    golf gti! i vote golf gti! ( it’ll make topek super green w envy- lol)

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