Career vs family

Sounds so grown up that heading. But it is one of the topics my friends and I talk about. My medic friends anyway. I reckon it’s one comversation that female drs will face once at least in their careers….. unless theyre in orthopaedics maybe and its predomnantly male dominated field!

So the million dollar qs is: when is the right time to have baby? After you become registrar? (2more years for me) After getting a consultant post? (6 years for moi) After finishing all exams? (errrr variable no of yrs) To me, looking at career, tgere never seems to be the right time. In an ideal world, you’d like to finish your training in one go. But the thought of waiting for a few more years seems inconceivable for me.

(I’ve been aware of my eggs dropping away every month for the last few years, for one thing)

Anyway, the reason why I’m talking about thus is because I’ve just read a book called ‘Are you thinking of becoming a medical mum.’. Or something likr that. And its a reassuring and comforting read as the issues are things close to home (or work).

Like the fear of telling your bosses. The issues of when to take maternity leave. Other women not being able to sit down during a 12 hr shift. There is a sense of bravado with drs in general and these women worked it out because they feel they had to, theyre in the middle of an oncall shift. (one surgeon collapsed during theatres – she was having muscarriage- and her boss unveknownst to her being pregnant started shouting at his befallen assistant) Alhamdulillah, people at work has been amazing and nice. And I pray for that to continue amin.

I have disgressed and been distracted. M is snoring and ive been taping it so he knows how noisy he can be. Haha!

Nights people.

Love fiz

ps There may be lotsa typos here as Im using ipad. Forgive me!

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  1. zimah si amazin

    u hve an ipad? soo jealous!
    we are superwomen n we can do both work n family thing together- no sweat!;)

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