How much does a baby cost?

Hello hello,

Yes it’s been awhile. My mind has been distracted lately, what with an audit presentation I have to do tomorrow. EEKS,

I’ve been out more with my friends since it’s the last month for some of them *lump in throat*menahan aing mata* We went to mothercare for some baby-essentials shopping (or window shopping for me). I haven’t actually looked into what essentials we need, all these stroller brands, and bottle sterilisers, and breast pumps. There’s fields of products and product reviews and blogs about products. And I know nothing of it.

So whilst I was strolling around Mothercare (ga-ga-ing over how cute baby clothes are), it dawned on me how much we’re going to spend and how many stuff to buy. An overwhelming feeling of panic started to envelop around me. Bathtub (basar jua, makin tia sampit our bathroom), baby changing mat, stroller, cot, mueslin cloths, blankets, and not forgetting all these gadgets and machines.

As I stood in front of the nappy dustbin, I was trying to work out why it was so expensive and wondering why I can’t just throw it in the dustbin. Cannot kah? And also, the steriliser… what is the concept behind it? Isn’t it just washing/steaming with high temperatures? Can’t I use my spare rice cooker/steamer? I’m sure it can store 6 bottles in high temperatures. Even making my head hurt is where we’re going to store all this stuff. We need to clear space in the apartment!

I went home and M managed to calm me down with his sensible-ness. He reasoned that there were some stuff we didn’t need to buy JUST yet. Planning to be off for a few months, I will be breastfeeding and wont need the steriliser. I began to look into the dark field of Internet and came across this awesome article.

I guess I can calm down and stick to the essentials. I don’t want to buy stuff that will only just be collecting dust after a month or two – as we realise we don’t really need it. Or it’s too cumbersome to use it.

Gtg now!

Love me

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