Busy busy busy

Night shifts over and 1 off day to recover. But lots of things to do!

1. Go to sickle cell and thalassemua clinic
My bookings bloods showed I’m a carrier for Haemaglobin E, which is no surprise for me as I have a strong family hustory for it. Basically as a carrier it means nothing to me (no effect) but if my husband has it too, theres a likelihood that we can pass the genes to our children, making them mildly anaemic.

(According to wiki, HB E is quite prevalent in South ewst Asia, which is nit surprising if its high in Brunei what with our rates of consanguinity. A reason to diversify our genes!)

2. Go do some hours in DVIRP

3. mail paperwork for starting work in Northampton

4. call UKBa to sort out visa (expires in 1 month :s)

5. cook as inviting guests later for dinner

6. do some grocery shopping before no 5

7. collect posts from old address – please jangan buang them, dear tenants!

Hmm probably should get out of bed first before starting on any of above. Sigh, good bye bed.

Love, me

ps. As tummy expanding, was planning on clothes shopping today tapi alas, nada time! Huuuuu.

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