Romance after marriage

Is romance after marriage dead?

That was the conversation I had with M the other day. I lamented to him – after stalking people on FB – that it seems couples who are not married seems to be more expressive with their feelings on FB. To which I concluded after kawin, there is less sweet nothings, he doesn’t text me anymore to say how much he misses me (granted we see each other after work usually) etc etc.

When we went back to Bru masatu, our friends (total of 3 other married couples – old timers compared to us) were commenting on how we’re still holding hands. I guess we still have that newlywed effect on us …. M is hoping it will never ever go away, amin!*

So anyway then I said very melodramatically that romance is dead now. To which M says it’s not, it’s just different. And he is right. He’s no less caring or thoughtful but just expresses it differently. He does the laundry and washing and cooks when I can’t. He was there when I was ill – and we know I get ill a LOT of times.

Is there more unconditional love? After all, he’s seen me more at my worst and least attractive.

Hmm anyway, it’s ok that there’s less romantics sayang. After all, you are making dinner for me right now…..

Love, Fiz

*My friends are saying that things will change once baby comes out! Huuu noooo.

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