To Kiki and Jeff

Firstly, a shout out to my lovely (but crazy) friend Kiki for being a wife to Jeff Danial (equally crazy) as of today.

I’m well well gutted for not being there but as these two weeks are made up of night shifts for me, it was practically impossible to get leave. But never mind, I’m happy that they’re now married. Kiki always had this imaginative, kadang-kadang far out sense of humor and I’m happy that she has met her match!

I woke up this morning after having a dream of us rnB girls hanging out in JP (!!), Kiki included, and I was thinking – in the dream – ‘how come Kiki’s not at home preparing for her nikah?’. It was bizarre. But through some telepathy of some sort, I woke up today to Fats whatsapping me and she sent me pics when the nikah ceremony was happening – well, before it started. And Ki, you looked lovelllyyyyy. I demanded a video too but logistics made it difficult 😦

(During the whatsapping session, I had this sudden awe for technology. Isn’t it just amazing how we can share this moment together despite being thousands of miles away???)

As said before, I’m a sucker for weddings, so I hope I see pics of their nikah and subsequent functions soon!!! Wish I was there with my girls too 😦

I wanted to write more about other things….but Ki and Jeff deserved a post of their own I realise! To Kiki and Jeff, it will be a new exciting journey from now on – not roses and daisies all the time – but insyaAllah, love and mercy will always be with you guys Amin.


Lawaaa kaaaan? Courtesy to Faten for the pic. Aku perasan that this pic (and Kiki’s smile) was especially taken for me.

Much love, Fiz


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2 responses to “To Kiki and Jeff

  1. Kiki looks absolutely stunning! Hope you and Mumtathil are well! 🙂 xxx

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