Sick of sick

Off sick for today’s night shift. Feeling guilty as ever. Somehow in my head I think that I have to be in my deathbed before calling in sick.

I was feeling unwell masa balik Brunei and then slowly recovered last week. Somehow I became more unwell this week but plodded on. Two nights ago, on my first night shift, I felt quite faint. I had to get out of theatres (after making sure baby is ok) and lie down in theatre dressing room because I felt woozy – that feeling where I could see lights in front of me and feeling ultimately rough. After a quick rest, I felt much better – though the nurses and midwives were commenting that I looked ‘pasty’ (pucat banar kah ku?). The night got busier and I felt better ironically. Adrenaline kicking in!

Yesterday I didn’t feel faint but I’ve been coughing more. In the morning, I was coughing so much that I became sick. It wasn’t a pretty sight nor something nice to hear. Cough and cold aside, I don’t feel too bad but I think it’s quite bad that I’m coughing every so often – so much that I was worried that babys’ parents will be afraid to have me check their babies what with me coughing all the time.

Anyway, enough grumbling, my sister in law said I should know my limits now. And yet I’m still not listening to my body.

Sorry, this was supposed to be a happy post!

I wish I can down Lemsip but realise I shouldn’t really. Oh dear, all these things to forgo when being pregnant!

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