Now I really don’t understand why I’m still having readers despite being so bad at blogging these days! Apologies people!

The reasons(s) I haven’t been blogging are because:

1. I was in Brunei and really, there’s other things to do like eat. and eat. and socialise. and play with the kids (M plays with the kids, I just tell them off. I’m the strict aunty :s)

2. I’ve been studying for my exam, which….

I just sat for, made a mess of (I think) and said goodbye to today! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!

Also, my assessments for work are done and dusted and I’ve got my placements for this August. SO surely I can’t be doing too bad right if they want me to carry on working?

Anyway anyway anyway…..


I wanted to write about something (excitedly) but M just watched – and hence made me watch – a tv show about assisted dying. Basically Terry Pratchett (the author) is thinking of doing it as he’s developing dementia. The bit which I watched was when he went to Switz and saw how the process went including watching another guy die (he has motor neurone disease). This other guy died in front of tv and my heart went to his wife. She was stroking his hand whilst he took the poison and when he fell asleep, she calmly continued stroking his hand. Only God knows whats on her head. If it was me, internally – and externally – memberontak kali. She didn’t want him to do it but respected his wishes, so I can only just imagine how heartbreaking it is for her to be there. ….Or maybe it’s just me? *sniffles*

So all in all, that has killed my mood to blog! Thanks sayang!

Love, me

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