26 years

Yesterday was my birthday. Spent the time with my family, which is just nice, nothing special but dinner and fighting over cake (the kids, not me… really).

Made me think though…. for 26 years, I have been blessed and protected and sheltered and I can only thank Allah for all the goodness and blessings I’ve had. And what have I shown for it? I’m not talking about having my degree and my travels and having a reputable job and so on. I’m talking about what I’ve shown for all these good things I’ve been given. Have I been a good abd, a good servant? Have I shown gratitude all the time?

I know this is a bit of morbid take on my birthday. But I’d like to think it like this. It’s a reminder to be better, to remember why I’m here. And instead of remembering all the hardships I’ve been through (and it’s not even close to what most hardships people all over the world have had to endure or enduring), I’d like to remember that He has helped me go through all those hardships, alhamdulillah.

To everyone who has greeted and wished me, thank you 🙂 include me in your prayers too.

Love fiz

PS. I have overeaten and it’s only 2 days baru 😦

PPS. Watching AF with the parents now and may i say, poyo jua!

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