A slow start

Nothing to be too excited about yet.

Yesterday was half lethargic, quarter jet legged and quarter disorientated. So didn’t really count.

Today we were supposed to go for a jungle tour including going elephant trekking and canoeing. Major disappointment. Elephant cruelty seen plus it was raining equatorial-style and we only got to hold the oar for 10 seconds. The lunch was the highlight of the trip for me.

On the plus side, we have found our favourite restaurant – halal! Super spicy but u keep wanting more. And the price makes us even happier about it! They sell pancakes which is like murtabak really but they have banana pancake and pineapple pancake and name it, m sure they’ll have it. I had my first teh Tarik ping in a long time and boy was I happy.

Tomorrow we’re going snorkeling. Bit apprehensive about this but we’ll see!

Love me

Ps because I can’t get on a proper computer and link properly,let me give a shoutout to my friend: ahmadbrunei.blogspot.com. Informative with issues in brunei (or more like his thoughts) and I didn’t realise he was one to blog! Check it out:)

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