Four day weekend!

I’m loving this four day weekends! Also means I’m feelin lazy come work time but fouuuurr day weekend! That itself is a cause of celebration!

So it was WilliamKate’s day yesterday. Unfortunately I missed it cos we were driving to Ipswich to the inlaws. M finds it unbelievable that m so iski to watch it (and a wee bit disappointed for missing it) but hey… I watch the Four weddings (reality tv show/competition comparing 4 brides & their weddings) and since this is the peak of an ultimate wedding, of course I’d like to watch it!

So we visited the inlaws which is always nice. Ipswich reminds me of Brunei as a teenager… There’s nothing much to do and your options are limited if you dont have a car!

And today ziarah with HM. Would be more excited if M can join us but there are some reminders every so often of our international marriage 😦 when I wore my baju kurung today, I actually feel like its raya. Raya songs in my head all morning!

But really the exciting news is this…

My best friend, the same friend I’ve spent years being silly with, laughing at lame jokes that we only found funny, shared the same pillow whilst we talk about random things through the night, watched Korean/Japanese drama back to back (she watches, I sleep), and generally partner in crime, has a baby now!!! Baby girl that I don’t know the name yet. So emo was I that I felt like bursting into tears when (her husband) texted me that she has gone into labour. (thanks Topek for remembering to text!) Can’t wait to see baby…maybe opportunity will come soon to visit! Insyallah.

Love lots

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  1. Fets

    Ccan’t believe she has a baby too!!! Sigh… xx

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