Baking disaster

I spent the last hour baking….the tiramisu cupcake that was a hit the last time. The in laws are in town for a conference and I was planning to bake and bring some food.

But disaster!!!!

The cupcake didnt turn out right. It was hard and had lots of air in it 😦 Maybe I didn’t mix it enough?

Anyway I am relatively calm about this. By that I mean, I’m in full denial mode and have opened a packet of thai sweet chilli crisps and am blogging. Instead of getting ready for M to pick me up.

I am trying not to explode into a hormonal mess.

Indeed I should be getting things ready, need to clean house bit more and pack stuff (hellooo, four day weekend! We’re not going anywhere….just staying at the conference place in Leics) …..

*breathe in, breathe out*

Now shall we just make plain old tiramisu?

Love, me

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